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Format it the same way, with blockquote indents, and if you can add a little dialogue before and after, you don't have to worry about weird quote mark placement. Bilbo stood and cleared his throat. "I have a new poem for you all," he announced. "It goes thus:     All that is gold does not glitter,     Not all ...


The actual page number. Your pdf has been made from another publication. Somebody may have access to the original. They want the actual page number. Also, another pdf made from the same publication may have different page numbers.


According to Blakesley & Hoogeveen's Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age, you should write "Work Cited" if there's only one source.


The actual document's title is: COMPTES RENDUS DES SÉANCES DE LA TREIZIÈME CONFERENCE GENERALE DES POIDS ET Officially the 13th Conference took place over both years. The actual paper's publication date is actually in May 1969. That's why they cite it as: Comptes Rendus de la 13e CGPM (1967/68), 1969, p.105 on http://www.bipm.org/en/CGPM/db/13/7/

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