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It's their cover and their interior. Naturally they would copyright those. If the rights to your book ever revert to you, you can publish it with whatever cover and interior you can get the rights to.


You've made the same mistake I did. You've picked up a book and realised that it has 500+ pages of text, you've started writing and got to the end and realised you're 475 shy of writing the next epic novel. You're approaching the task backwards and there are a few things to realise very early on. A good story starts and ends when it should. How many films ...


The only "horror", or rather horror invoking, stories I know that are regularly told to children are fairy tales. But we all know that they were originally intended for an adult audience. Childrens tales today, if they deal with subjects that are elements of adult horror stories, such as ghosts, vampires etc., are usually told in a light and humorous tone ...

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