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Anne Rice wrote four erotic novels using pseudonyms -- Exit to Eden under the pen name Anne Rampling and the Sleeping Beauty trilogy under the name A.N. Roquelaire -- and they don't seem to have hurt her career.


I quit a job at one point to write full-time, and ended up writing far less when I had more time. Since then, my general advice to anyone is to establish the new career BEFORE leaving the old one. Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) was already making millions off his strip before he left his former job as a cubicle-dweller (laid off, fwiw). As mentioned ...


Most of the answers mentioned here are accurate. I would like to add my 2 cents. If you have financial commitments, then don't risk losing out on your current job. That's your bread and butter. Assuming you have a five day week, focus 100% on your job in the weekdays. On the weekends, put work aside, find a nice quite time of the day and start your word ...

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