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It's logical to be afraid. You worry of their critique, if they're going to be rude to you… Hell, if they're going to stop being your friends, just because they may feel offended! (Hopefully not.) What I think is that you have to trust that they––no matter how they choose to regard your work, because let's face it, to each their own––will stay your friends ...


Nobody else has mentioned it, so I'll be the bad guy. Your grammar is problematic, if this post is any indication. You may benefit from a patient editor. Your profile places you as high school aged. If you have a rapport with any of your teachers, you might ask him or her to do a close read of five or ten pages. If it comes back heavily marked up, The ...


You could post it online anonymously or under a pseudonym, on Reddit perhaps, and then if you don't want to, you never have to associate yourself with it.


You could try finding a local writing group or a writing class. The former can help both your skill and confidence, though they often run the risk of turning into mutual appreciation societies (which still could be useful for overcoming anxiety about showing off your work); the latter can feel really brutal, but it's not so bad when you're mostly dealing ...


Some of this might sound cliche, but it's what I often cling to when I'm feeling insecure about letting anyone look at something I'm working on. That being said, even experienced writers often have trouble letting go of their work. Writers are typically predisposed to keeping everything they've created under lock-and-key until it's absolutely perfect. The ...


Write your book. Design your alphabet. Include the page in the front or end matter of your book. Publish.


Probably "The Hero with a Thousand Faces", a book by Joseph Campbell, that explains how most of the myths, in various cultures, are based on the same main themes. Those themes are universal, in their symbolic meaning. It explains in details, and with multiple examples, how the monomyth, the journey of the Hero, has to start with a reluctant character, ...

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