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Why would you want to talk him into writing poetry, if he feels it is "not his way"? Motivation is the single most deciding factor in being successful in any field. If your friend is motivated, he will find his own lyrical voice. If it is not for him, nothing will change that. If he is talented, as you say in your comment, but believes he is not, then his ...


Same old worn joke. The humorous character did keep some running gag. A kind of jab at a younger partner, or some silly "ritual", or a funny one-liner reply. The reader is used to this joke, it was done at least twice in the story before, probably to a good humorous effect too (first time, sheer surprising humor, the other - a contextual humor that adds a ...


I think Dexter(tv series) is a good example. Like in season 1 when he is about to kill a couple he asks them questions about their married life, so that he can use their suggestions for his life also. He is about to kill them but still is able to make the situation filled with some sense of dark humor without degrading the scene.


Immediately after the humorous moment, do something that amplifies the emotion you want to emphasize.


Make the joke relevant to the situation — this will stop the reader from being distracted by the humour of the joke, and keep the serious atmosphere. Even bad or very funny jokes can be used if the character delivers them correctly. And now some examples: In the Time Riders series by Alex Scarrow, when two pirates are about to hanged, one says to the ...


When Socrates was about to drink hemlock, he asked, "May I pour out a libation to the gods?" And they told him "no", which is dark on another level. He had no respect for them or their pantheon, but they still took everything so seriously. After all, Socrates was dying because of their faith and their unwillingness to tolerate skepticism. You may be wrong ...

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