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The one grammar book that has been recommended to me by school teachers and university lecturers again and again is Raymond Murphy, English Grammar in Use There are different editions, some "with answers" and a CD-ROM, there's an accompanying workbook, and other supplementary material. I own the second edition from 1991 without any of the gimmicks, and I ...


Something like Cloud Atlas, you mean? Indeed this is basically Nonlinear narrative. I use it a lot when I write because it can be great -- if well done -- to generate expectation and mystery. For me, the key of nonlinear narrative is to leave roles that the users can't fill at that point. You can use other chapters to get back to the loose ends and help ...


Instead of White's book, you might want to check out Joseph Williams' Style: Towards Clarity and Grace. It's much better. There are several widely differing editions. Use the original Chicago Press, 1990 edition or the Harper Collins, 4th edition 1993. All the other editions have been mangled in various ways.

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