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Short chapters are a gift to readers who may not have the time or stamina to handle 70 pages at a sitting. For a young reader, reaching goals is important. As their eyelids get heavy and their mind starts to wander into the dreamlands, they struggle to read just a little bit further. If only they can make it to the end of the current chapter, then they ...


I think Patterson is just padding his books, making them thicker, a more respectable size by using short chapters, large type, big margins, etc. The whole point seems to be, not to make great books, just to make lots of them and therefore lots of money.


This answer was for the first version of the question and no longer applies after it has been edited. For a first genre novel, the recommended length lies around 90 000 words. Here are some more details and explanations: http://theswivet.blogspot.de/2008/03/on-word-counts-and-novel-length.html I don't know about non-fiction or biographies, but judging from ...

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