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Early reader "chapter books" range widely in length. Some have very little, simple text, and some have a quite a lot of complex text. You should spend some research time in a library or bookstore and compare your manuscript to what is out there to get a better picture of what is publishable.


Contrary to what the other answers recommend, when you write for children, you must not let the story dictate the length of the book! When you write for accomplished readers, you can let your story unfold as it will (although there are apparently expected lengths that unpublished authors should not deviate from in their first novel). When you write for ...


It really doesn't matter. Focus on what you think is right for the story


I went ahead and broke it down: Give or take, the average paperback has 250-350 words per page. Thats 35 lines at 10 words per line. Of course some of those lines may only have 3 or 4 words (for dialogue). So again we're at, say, 300 words. take your total word count and divide it by 300. that'll give you an idea, not accurate down to the letter but still a ...

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