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I often put snippets of code right into bodies of text. When I do, I typically format it in courier or another fixed-space font, and indent the entire code one or two tabs. It makes it more obvious that it's code so that uninterested parties can skim past it.


You will have to decide what is important. If you look at the DZone website, it has links to a large number of blogs. Sometimes these blogs include code and sometimes they don't depending on the purpose and focus of the blog. I would recommend you visit the site and see.


You might want to put the Python script into a GitHub project, and then link to that project from your blog post. If a reader is not interested in the script, it is easy for them to ignore the link. But if a reader is interested in the script, then they will likely also appreciate GitHub’s high-quality code-viewing features, and easy code-sharing features. ...


Blogs can have many purposes. They can be to inform others, they can be to gain an audience, they can even be just a personal journal with the distinction that it's readable by others. Assuming you yourself are the driving force behind the blog, then just remember that you call the shots and there's really no rules you need to abide by. Just write it ...

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