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As a previous answer mentioned, is one site that offers connection to beta readers. Outside of that side though, there are plenty of places that offer beta services. Critique Circle is a popular writing community Tumblr has some blogs that are devoted to pairing beta readers with writers. One google search ...


You could try You'd have to have a fictionpress account, but there's a long list of betas to choose from with their list of strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and they are reviewed.


You might try Critique Circle, which is a free online critiquing community. (I haven't used it, but others here have.) If you have enough rep, you could ask in our Chat Room, the Overlook Hotel. There are a number of members here who are freelance editors who might be able to work with you.


Places where you can find technical writers: Society for Technical Communication - Your local STC chapter. Technical Writer Mailing List (TechWhirl) - Write the Docs - Technical Writing World: - Any number of groups on LinkedIn, Google+, etc. A local ...


You can also try Scribophile at The premise is that folks earn points by critiquing and spend points to put their work up for critique. The system means that no one hogs the spotlight without helping other folks. You're pretty much guaranteed 3 critiques.

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