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Fanfic can help you learn writing skills if you treat it as a professional project. If you strive to make it the best it can be, then you will have learned something while doing it. Good luck!


The Benedictine rule has an overriding principle that has kept the community going for more than a thousand years. Ora et labora, which means work and pray The more you read good books, the more you will know what to do or not do. Then write, write, write, because the muse cracks her whip and wants you to dance.


You already have fantastic answers here, and spot on guidance. All I want to offer is, reading can be learning the craft of writing. You have a favorite author, or perhaps a favorite book. You can learn the craft from it by identifying what you like about that book, or what you like most about the way the author writes. Re-read your favorite book, by your ...


Honestly, reading helps you write in the same way studying cook books helps you cook better. If you read them a lot, you start to learn which spices are usually used with which different meats. You learn which vegetables take longer to sauté properly and what order you should put the food into the pan when you plan to sauté. You will learn that there are ...


What's your goal? If your goal is to write, and reading what you "should" be doing made you stop writing, then stop reading that shit. Avoid whatever is an obstacle to your goal. That doesn't mean you can't learn the craft of writing, or study techniques or develop methods or use tools. But if you "let the perfect become the enemy of the good," then you ...

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