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In most books, the author will have an acknowledgements page or two, and they almost always include the name of their agent. A few other helpful places to look: Acknowledgements page in the back of the author's book aaronline.org (AAR is an association of agents that requires a certain level of ethics, e.g. no reading fees) Writers Digest's Guide to ...


AgentQuery.com has a searchable directory of agents that can be filtered by genre and/or keyword.


find a copy of 2015 Guide to Literary Agents - Sambuchino, Chuck or 2015 Writer's Market - Robert Lee Brewer


Look at The Complete Idiot's Guide to Finding a Literary Agent (http://www.penguin.com/static/pages/cig/quickguides/literary-agent.php), it lists lists of agents.


I'd like to be honest here, agents are not looking for baby writers with zero experience on staff for a brand new unproven tv show. That's the bad news. The good news is that you've got the work ethic to pump out a pilot and episodes? That's stellar right there. Mostly people only have ideas. I would work on the second piece of breaking into entertainment, ...

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