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How does this fare as an opening 'half-page'?

The world is only just recovering but it’s us who are punished. Independent scientists from around the globe have been unwilling to comment while big names in private research could only give hints of what it is we are facing. Others completely refused to cooperate in what seems to be international governments trying to buy more time. In that regard, NASA has announced that a press conference is to be held hour 15,00 today afternoon at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York, being the only official word we could get up until now, and at the same time reinforcing rumors that authorities so far played catch-up to hide.

“It’s mumbling of which they have no clue,” Tana said and went for the HUD on the nearest wall.

“Leave it,” Adam said, trying to adjust his pose but his body wouldn’t let him, he gritted his teeth and let go. “Why is she on television?”

“Actually, many of your friends were asked for… certain jobs today. For Ellie, it looks like the TV’s river of reporters depleted. Oh, and she came to see you before they called.”

Only one thing caught his thought. “My friends? Certain… jobs?”

“Yes. We’re in Los-Angeles.”

“LA? Wh- What the–?” he mumbled and tried to sit only for pain to shoot through his spine again. “Don’t tell me they know. Please don’t.”

“You want what I think? You should rest. I think people have more pressing matters than a light pop on the moon and a couple of here-says that it was something [educational]. They’ve other things to talk about and, apparently, move about,” his mother stopped and pointed at the television projection on the wall.

This just in: The PHFO has issued a worldwide alert that Atlantic and Pacific coastal areas should be evacuated within a two kilo-meter radius. Again; Atlantic and Pacific coastal areas should be evacuated. No government has commented on this warning and it remains for public decision. And prayers. This is Elizabeth Wilson, WWN. Reporting live from The White House, Washington D.C..

“My god…”

This is supposed to be the opening part, but certainly not the whole of the first chapter...