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I just finished a "long" short story. And I want to include a section where I thanks Writers SE for the writing advice and Scribophile for the critiques and feedback.

How is that properly done? What's the format and where should I place it? (Right now, the pages are like, page 1: book cover, page 2: copyright, page 3: the story...)

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Your thank you notes should be in relation to the length of your text. I have never seen a short story with a thank you note. And I'm annoyed at the pages of thanks at the end of books. All I accept as a reader is the one short sentence before the text dedicating it, e.g., "To Joan". Why don't you thank the people were you got your help? No need to publish it in print. Think about someone reading about "Thank you to Laurem Ipsum and the guys at writers.SE" in a hundred years. Amateurish. – what Nov 5 '13 at 23:55
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At the end, after the story is finished, in a section called "Author's notes." You can list your thanks, your sources, and any other comments you want to make.

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