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I had a quick question in regards to using P.S.

I just finished writing up a formal follow-up email for an interview. I touched over a lot of information and brought up some new topics.

Anyway, I have noticed some issues between my email and their email in getting/receiving replies. Sometimes their reply never reaches me and so I want to add a "P.S." or maybe a "Note" simply stating

For some reason my email has not been receiving all of secretary's name replies, i.e. I never received the interview date email until I called to check up on its status. If I do not reply to an email within 24 hours it is most likely due to the email never reaching me, so please feel free to call.

How should I P.S./Note this, and does this sound too informal? I am stumped about this.

And should I note this before or after my final thank you?

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A postscript is a passage at the end of a letter, following the signature. It only makes sense in the context of a letter composed by hand or on a typewriter, to accommodate an afterthought when you have already finished your letter, and don't want to retype or rewrite the whole thing again.

It makes no sense in an email context - or even a paper letter composed on a word processor - because you can just insert the extra text above the signature, without having to retype the whole thing.

If you just want a way of introducing a side topic, you could just use a phrase like 'incidentally', 'on another note', 'by the way', etc.

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