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There were a couple of other questions about this, but they were asked many years ago, so I thought I'd start a new one.

For a long time, I used Wiki on a Stick to organise my worlds and allow for easy access. That software is no longer supported and doesn't work with more recent browsers. From there, I created my own website through HTML and CSS to function in a similar way. It works well enough, but it's a very slow process to go through all the time.

So, can anyone recommend me either paid or free software that is useful for storing information about different worlds, characters and so on, with an easy way to navigate between them and room for images.

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It might be easier to answer this if you at least specify your platform; Windows, OS X, Linux, Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, ... – Michael Kjörling Sep 29 '13 at 18:50
What are your requirements? That will definitely influence the answers. Does it need to be a relational database? can it be a set of linked text files? Does it have to be all in one application, or can it be one for world-building and one for writing? – Lauren Ipsum Sep 29 '13 at 20:29
I don't need to do any actual story writing in it, I just need it to be a place to store rundowns on characters, worlds, etc. For PC and I don't mind whether it's a full-on database or simple file linking. As long as it can be organised. – LilligantEX Sep 30 '13 at 3:07
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TiddlyWiki is my choice. It's a free-as-in-beer single-page wiki system in the form of a single HTML file you open with your favorite browser and edit via clicking on links to create new sections called Tiddlers.

You can build out chapters, and internal links, and categorize different types of articles.

Works great, but depends on a Java plug-in so YMMV if you are not up-to-date on your JRE and Chrome can be really really temperamental with it.

Even with those issues, it's a great tool. Check it out.

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I've always used mindmaps as a way to quickly brainstorm (and more importantly, organize/reshuffle) my thoughts.

Freemind is the app I've used for many years, but its a bit clunky. Recently I've started using MindMup, which is browser based and allows you to store your documents in Google Drive, or in Dropbox.

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I use the Gollum wiki. It works well for me. There's no database, just wiki-formatted text files. It uses the git version control system so you have a history of every change you make (and you don't have to know how to use git, it does it all for you). Very nice and extremely simple to use - you just start it up and do all your edits in a web browser.

The only downside it doesn't run on Windows, only Unix-based systems (e.g. OS X, Linux).

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