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I have a long-term goal to write a non-fiction book: a critical book about the current state of humanity's moral methodologies and how humanity is better off dead. Much like Friedrich Nietzsche but with a persuasive writing style.

To this end, how do I learn new words? What kinds of books should I read to feed more knowledge into my brain to improve my knowledge of English? Should I be reading books about English (like style guides)? Should I read examples of the genre I want to write? General English-language writing like newspapers, magazines, or blogs? Something else?

Note: I was referred from the English forum to here. English is my second language.

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When I was learning another language, it didn't matter what I read (well, ok, I avoided the tabloids). Books, textbooks, magazines, and good newspapers all contributed to my vocabulary and comfortable feel for the language. Everything helps! Just read as much as you can, as often as you can.

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English is my fourth language and the three things I can recommend are (1) learn the grammar rules, (2) learn sentence structures and (3) expand your vocabulary.

Watch these aspects as you read different forms of writing. Words create image. There is a tone in everything.

With the basics taken care of, you can write anything.

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