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We are designing brochures for attracting possible vendors to use our software platform to attract/retain their customers.

The kind of vendors here are the hardworking type, with not necessarily any high education. We need the brochures to only excite them to call us. We should be able to connect to their one big problem, getting customers, and the loyalty. How do they attract the right kind of customers, and how do they retain them.

We have mobile applications that can connect the drivers with customers directly. Our mobile application and platform will take their services out to customers, and help them build loyalty. I am trying to build a tag line that connects them. Should be short and should only excite.

Basically I am trying to say You have the drivers, metered taxi's, We have the software infrastructure and mobile applications to connect you to your customers.

These are just too many words, I need to get as little words to graphically fit this image. I need help to reduce this and still retain the meaning and attract the people who have drivers and metered taxis to read this brochure.


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You say, "too many words." Too many for what?

Do your customers have any insight that what they lack is software infrastructure and mobile applications specifically? Or do they seek only some way to connect?

If they don't care specifically about infrastructure and apps, try:

You have the drivers, metered taxi's, We have the technology to connect you to your customers.

The more abstract "technology" seems punchier to me, though less specific. It shifts the focus to connecting, and away from the specifics of how you will help them connect.

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Yup, this works for me. – Siddharth May 20 '13 at 3:06

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