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I have written a book (google 'Weave of the Ride') and I have built a community of followers of the past few years. I would like to put on a book launch. Does anyone have any tips and advice? I live in London so there are plenty of cafes. What sort of timescale from announcing it to the event happening? How many people should I invite and how is best to invite people? How many books should I have available for purchase?

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Do you have a website/blog? Put the launch up there, advertise it among your friends and they'll spread the word. Ask local cafes/bookshops if they'll be happy to host a launch, and see if the libraries would be happy to take a copy. A friend of mine has just published her first book so I'm well versed in what to do!

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Hi, I have created a page weaveoftheride.com/weave-book-launch, so you can see how I have approached my own question. – Andrew Welch Jul 23 '13 at 10:29

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