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I'm about to branch off into the freelance world. I'm starting an LLC and I'd like some input on what I should title myself as the owner. For example "creative specialist" or "creative technician" or something like that.

My services would be:

  • Writing: content writing/copywriting, technical writing, editing / proofreading / copyediting
  • Website design / development
  • Graphic design: icon design, templates, web graphics, business cards / brochures / letterheads / etc.
  • Photography, photo editing

Does anybody have any ideas on some general terms that would apply to this type of business?

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How about "Creativity Architect"? It joins together what you can do (Architects design things that are built), and says that you create value.

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Aspirational titles are good, but to my highly subjective perception, "Architect" is as tired as "Engineer" was 15 years ago.

Try out your elevator speech - practice it in the mirror - and see what words immediately following "I'm a..." roll most naturally off your tongue.

Maybe consider not your title but your outcome - you're a small business owner or, if you'd like high-concept, an "information contractor".

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That's almost exactly my situation and my skill set. (Hey, are you sure you're not me?) My business cards say "Principal."

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Isn't that a guy running a school? –  John Smithers Oct 24 '12 at 9:32
Yes, that is one definition. It also means "main" or "primary," and in design circles, the "Principal" is the head of the company. –  Lauren Ipsum Oct 24 '12 at 10:13

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