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I've had a few friends review my unpublished manuscript, and they were in my target market and quite knowledgeable in English. What are some good ways to get some more reviews, of a decent level in know-how of what makes a fiction book tick? I don't have much $. Eg. Specific ideas about clubs, any good website for authors to exchange, etc.

I've looked around the web and found some companies that cost about $250 for reviewing your structure, spelling, grammar, etc. but they seem to have limited credentials. I'm avoiding publishers too. The current q/a I've found on this website is limited to completed books getting publicity reviews.

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nope, it isn't a book yet, so book review people (eg. Goodreads.com) should not be seeing it yet! – liquidblueocean Sep 26 '12 at 9:03
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Let me include the caveat that you get what you pay for. A review from a friend or a writing group member isn't going to be of same quality as a professional edit by a long shot.

Writers Meetups can help you find a writing group in your area, as could Googling "writers club [your area]," as well as checking to see if there's a group at your local library or college.

The Writers Cafe website also has a review forum where you can request reviews. Unfortunately, it looks like there are a lot more people interested in getting their work reviewed than people doing reviews. So, if you do post something there, I would recommend doing reviews for other people so that they'll review your work.

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