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I am writing a report in Farsi and using ieeetr bibliography style for my references. This style uses numeral references like [1] [2] etc but regarding context (Farsi) I am using Arabic number scripts like [۱], [۲] etc, but in the bibliography section, I am using a Latin script, again due to context (English references). Am I obliged to use Latin scripts for numbers in the text where I am citing an English article instead of [۱], [۲] etc? What about Farsi articles? What about Chinese?

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The purpose of citing is, that the reader can refer to the sources you used for your text.

Imagine your user is a Chinese. He does not know English and hardly care about the numbers. Now he looks up your citation source, sees it is in English and can ask someone for a translation of that source if he really needs one.

The point here is "looks up your citation source". Is the reader able (or is it easier for him) to look up the citation source if the number is in Chinese? Obviously, so use what your reader understands.

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