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I am in the process of translating a script and am constantly struggling with the side-by-side vertical scrolling of the document.

Does anyone know of an editor which is capable of "locking" two columns side by side? Something novel translators would use, or so.

(Please, no recommendations of Word with columns turned on, or Excel...)

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Diff editors such as meld and diffuse offer locked panes, but their diff-highlighting can get in the way once your task is managing docs which differ on another level, like language, but are more or less the same on the level of meaning. A locking based on paragraphs would help here... – isync Jan 13 '12 at 16:58
Is this about screenwriting? (I'm asking for tagging purposes.) – Neil Fein May 11 '12 at 1:05
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If you are using Windows, you can select two separate documents and display them side by side. This does not synchronize the scrolling between windows, but you probably wouldn't want that anyway. If the content in one window surpasses the length of the content in the other, then you would need to scroll in each separately.

I am using Windows 7, and I can open two documents of the same type, do a Shift-right click on their icon at the bottom of the screen, and then choose the option to "Show windows side by side". I don't remember the exact steps for earlier versions of Windows, but I know they are very similar. This will allow you to use the editor of your choice and keep each screen positioned where you need it so that you can easily move back and forth as needed.

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I was hoping for a cool editor, which would recognize paragraphs and adjust the scrolling accordingly, like a writers-version of meld (a diff editor) or similar - but of course, your solution seems to be a good one. Following the mantra KISS. – isync Dec 17 '11 at 21:08

I've been using the free Notepad++ text editor lately for writing software code, and find it very useful being able to have two documents visible, side-by-side.

It also allows you to lock the vertical scroll-bars. I expect it's limited to plaintext documents, so if that's what you have, give it go. Many other text editors will be able to do the same.

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Sublime Text offers multi columns layouts and is a very lightweight text editor.

It doesn't have vertical scroll locking, but it does provide a mini-map of the entire document so you can see exactly which part of the document is currently on screen.


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