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I'd like to understand the rationale of when, why and how His/My/Your are used in titles of addressing people.

For example, the standard commonly accepted uses are:

  • "His Honour"("His Grace", or "Her" instead of "His") in written while "Your Honour" ("Your Grace") verbally; while
  • "His Lordship" in written while "My Lord" orally;

The interest is twofold:

  • to grasp mnemonics, i.e. how to remember as to avoid wrong use (especially oral one when I cannot consult before using);
  • how to use such addressing in possible non-standard (metaphorical, satirical, mockering) transformations preserving continuity of a chosen style

Why (and when) are such differences between:

  • "His"/"Her" and "Your" (horizontally, using, for example, with "Grace" )
  • "His Grace"(or "Her") and "My" Lord" (vertically, in verbal usage)

How should I have transformed above phrases in context of:

  • "Disgrace" or "Shame" (instead of "Grace")
  • or "Dishonour" (instead of "Honour")
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My Lord! You cannot recognize His Lordship? May His Grace be with you! – John Smithers Nov 19 '11 at 14:37
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