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I've seen a lot of sub-editing jobs advertised lately and I'm wondering what qualifications (and experience?) such a role would require. Is there a particular sub-editing/proofreading course I should do? And do I need to complete an inDesign course? I've seen a few job descriptions stating the sub-editor will deal with putting the text into layout too. Thanks.

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Learning InDesign is never going to hurt your chances of being an editor, particularly if it's not in the job description and you volunteer that you can do it. – Lauren Ipsum Oct 2 '11 at 19:56

Normally you'd need a degree or equivalent certification in journalism or communication. Experience in writing, proof reading, doing layout, editing however minor,working with headlines, familiarity with modern styles and current events would also be a plus. Subeditor position do involve doing layout so having an inDesign course would help. There are few specific courses that get you the qualification needed to become sub editor.

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