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I just want to confirm if I did this correct.

I have this reference:

G. Burg, Das Melanom, Serie Gesundheit: Piper/VCH, (1993).

And, want to convert it to vancouver style. In this case, this is what I did:

Burg G. Das Melanom. Serie Gesundheit: Piper/VCH. 1993.

To be more precised. This is what I want to cite in Vancouver style:


Is it correct this way?

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Burg G. Das Melanom: Wissenswertes über Muttermal, Sonne und andere Risikofaktoren: Informationen und Ratschläge Munich (Germany): Piper; 1993. (Serie Gesundheit VCH; vol 1840).

According to the Vancouver Style "How-to" guide.

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