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A friend of mine is talented in both creative and philosophical writing, however he thinks he lacks the ability to condense his feelings and thoughts into poetry of note. In other words, he believes poetry is not his way. Are there books particularly recommended in such a situation, either to consolidate his position or to change it, making him approach poetry in a more successful way?

It may be useful to say he considers delight the main goal of poetry; in this sense, he puts sonnet first.

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Hello and welcome to Writers. While we have a few (older) resource-request questions, that isn't the sort of question that works well on Stack Exchange and we discourage them. Instead of asking "what book can I read to answer X?", please ask about X directly. A question about making the transition from prose to poetry might get answers that recommend specific books, but the point should be the question, not the means of answering it (books). Does that make sense? I've put your question on hold temporarily; you can edit your question and then it will be reviewed for reopening. Thanks. –  Monica Cellio Jul 1 at 12:58
@Monica Hello, thank you. Uhm, I guess I see. However it actually is such books what I'm looking for, so perhaps this question just should be deleted, if substituting "are there books...?" with "Is it meaningful to help him consolidating his position or changing it?" is not enough. –  Vincenzo Oliva Jul 1 at 13:15
@Monica Shouldn't it? –  Vincenzo Oliva Jul 1 at 14:16
Possible valid answer for your friend situation: link –  Mauricio Jul 8 at 13:56

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Why would you want to talk him into writing poetry, if he feels it is "not his way"? Motivation is the single most deciding factor in being successful in any field. If your friend is motivated, he will find his own lyrical voice. If it is not for him, nothing will change that.

If he is talented, as you say in your comment, but believes he is not, then his problems are psychological in nature and he does not need writing advice. If he needed help with his writing, he wouldn't have been able to write the good poetry that he apparently has.

If he suffers from low self-esteem or perfectionism or some other negative attitude towards himself, try to help him with that.

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Because he often underestimates himself. According to him he lacks poetic talent, but I wouldn't be sure about that, as he did produce something worthy of note, some time ago. That's why I'd like to give him a means to back up his thoughts or to change them. –  Vincenzo Oliva Jul 1 at 11:44

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