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Greetings. I've been blogging for a while now and I do it in Russian. But, some of my English-speaking... AHEM "Internet-friends" are unable to read my personal blog, 'cause they're just not familiar with my native language. When I do a post or two, and share it with my Facebook account, they're often comment the pictures, but not the posts itself. So I thought about starting to blog in English, which could help few of my goals:

  • To learn English better: the grammar, the rules, words-construction and so on
  • To share my life with my English-speaking Internet-friends
  • To improve my communication and translation skills

But I don't know, if I ever should start doing this because I don't know if my pals will be interested in reading what I write, not just looking the pictures. And if I should start doing the copy of my blog, should I do it on the same blogging service provider or should I switch to some other platform, which is more popular? What platform could it be? Currently, I use Livejournal and I like it.

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Ultimately, this is going to be a personal choice for you. There are a couple things you could think about when making your decision: Do you have the time to write two blogs? Are you proficient enough in English to write a blog with minimal errors where native speakers won't have many problems understanding you? Is it worth the effort you'll need to put into it? Is it worth two hours of work (just a guess) for three readers?

If you answered yes to these questions, then go right ahead. It probably would help you improve your own language skills in the long run.

As for which provider, I've used both Blogger and WordPress and I've enjoyed them both.

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Thank you very much – Alexey Shatygin Feb 24 '11 at 10:55

I have the same problem, Hebrew being my native language. I chose to blog in English, because by blogging in Hebrew I limit my audience to those who can read the language. I believe that by using English you will address a larger audience. Writing two copies of the same blog entry will probably tax you to the point in which you will drop one language, or stop blogging at all. Judging from the only English writing sample of you I have (your question), you already have good writing skills in English, so that should not be a problem!

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Thank you, a good advice – Alexey Shatygin Feb 24 '11 at 10:55

If you have enough cyber-friends who don't read Russian who have commented on your non-English blog, then yes, do one in English. If nothing else it will improve your facility with the language.

I like Blogger, but if you're comfortable with LiveJournal, stick with that.

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I use the Wibiya toolbar (http://www.wibiya.com/), which allows for a user to translate a page.

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Computer generated translations are rarely accurate. – Ralph Gallagher Feb 23 '11 at 15:49

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