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As everyone here probably knows, The New Yorker is held in high regard for their editorial process and excellent writing. I really appreciate their content, and I feel that they provide more than just an article — they provide a great literary experience. I often use them as inspiration for writing. The New Yorker also happens to be one of the few magazines I read (I only read the online version).

But is there anything out there that compares to or exceeds the quality and content offered by The New Yorker?

I don't even know where to begin to look, but all suggestions are apprecaited!

(Tiny FYI: I'm not as interested in politics/entertainment stuff as I am just general news and technology-related content.)

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Some possibilities...

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For general Interest , you can refer to below magazines :

1) Clann Magazine. 2) The Believer 3) Harper's Magazine 4) Reader's Digest 5) The Saturday Evening Post

For technology content, you can refer to below magazines :

1) American Heritage of Invention & Technology 2) Invention & Technology 3) 2600: The Hacker Quarterly 4) Free Open Source Magazine 5) Modern Electrics 6) PCWorld 7) Wired

and many more.........

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For technology related content, you’d maybe like to read the Smashing Magazine.

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Try Aldaily (Arts And Letters Daily), Economist, Atlantic.

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