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Am I allowed to use a modified picture from Wikipedia to illustrate the experiment I conducted in a manuscript which I will submit to a journal for publication?

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This isn't so much a question about writing or editing or publishing as it is about Wikipedia and the Creative Commons license. Closing this. (But the answer to your question is here. ) –  Neil Fein Jul 1 at 4:48
I am not trying to defend or anything, but isn't this about publishing? –  Coven Member 6 Jul 1 at 13:59
@CovenMember6 - It could be seen that way, but I think what tips the balance here is that the answer is (1) look at Wikipedia's reuse page, and (2) ask the journal. This site doesn't really have a lot to offer. But if you want to vote to reopen, or discuss on meta, I won't stand in your way. Healthy debate on stuff like this is good for the site. –  Neil Fein Jul 1 at 18:07
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