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An example might be the following: "Romeo, wherefore art thou Romo?" from the classic Shakespeare play. Suppose I changed it slightly to "Roberto, why are you Roberto?"

Is there a computer program or algorithm that would detect the fact that I basically used synonyms for each word in the original, and thereby produced a high degree of correlation with the original? And would it be able to measure the "degree" of plagiarism?

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On my last university course the department insisted everything was submitted to a system called "TurnItIn" (http://turnitin.com/en_us/home) but there are loads of others.

TurnItIn gave a load of different metrics for direct copies of other material, rephrasing and the like. Only problem I found was it often got confused with citations and references.

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At my college they use this software to determine the authenticity of a thesis when submitted.

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