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I decided that my book would be better suited to university students in other countries and some other select groups, such as Russian Christians. Some of the theory is considered very controversial and considered a strange topic in the US, but not in Europe.

I'm not against using a professional publisher, per se, but I have chosen this avenue for artistic reasons and I haven't needed one yet. I have no idea where to start to reach these markets. I give lectures in the US, but I'm unenthuzed about traveling to global events unless it would reach a very large market, such as a TV interview. (I wish...) Does anyone know about international self-publishing for academic and boutique markets?

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You looking at digital publishing or traditional paper publishing...or both? –  James Apr 29 at 18:19
@James Only digital, also for artistic reasons, and I'm not going to do print even if there be some markets I can't reach. I don't think it should be too bad though. –  Razie Mah Apr 30 at 1:13

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