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I am a motivational speaker and am self publishing a nonfiction book about child abuse. i ahve some inappropriate language in the book and want to know if my designer by law can use a parental advisory sticker on my cover?

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Do you mean an advisory in general? Or a specific parental advisory graphic? Are you self-publishing this book? What country are you in? –  Neil Fein Apr 25 at 22:01
Why don't you read the RIAA's license terms and usage standards? riaa.com/toolsforparents.php?content_selector=parental_advisory –  what May 26 at 6:55
There is a copyright on that label, just in case my previous comment was not clear. –  what Jun 25 at 11:44
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Depends on the country's laws and target-audience of the book. Books in general do not have a parental advisory on them as would a video-game or CD would.

Considering the sensitive topic of the book, you may wish to view articles on the reactions on Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. A book that has language in it does not mean it's illegal, but it also does not prevent it from being proposed as ban-able by those offended by its publishing.

For more information check out the ALA:


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