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Suggest a good text editor for hindi and urdu for windows8 Not required that both language should be in single software, it may different softwares.

My specific requirement is that, i will type in english and it should convert in urdu/hindi. if i paste some text (of english script), it should change in hindi/urdu.

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This may make more sense on superuser or stack? –  James Feb 4 at 15:31
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about software (automatic translation, and word processing). –  dmm Feb 4 at 21:12
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Off topic though I suggest looking at softwares like Baraha. Might be useful –  Pravesh Parekh Feb 5 at 11:31
There is a software recommendations stack site that just opened up for beta. FYI –  James Feb 6 at 14:46

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Microsoft Word includes machine translation features - it can translate selections or entire documents; see this page for more details. You'll likely need to install a bilingual dictionary package.

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