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I have an idea but before i run with it I need to know if you heard of a show going from, let's say, drama to fantasy. I have smooth transitions from one to the other and the B-plot carries through. The only changes are the characters and the A and C-plots. I think it could work but I need more opinions on this.

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Yes, network suits can seriously rework pilots/pitches so they barely resemble the original. They can do it with shows currently on the air; the most recent example would be "Up All Night." –  Lauren Ipsum Jan 24 at 22:30
If you're writing for an existing show, I have been told that if you are writing a "spec script" (TV script), you cannot send, say, Family Guy, a spec script with Family Guy characters. Family Guy writers are not allowed to read, or even look at, a script with their characters in it because, later on, the original author could come back and say the Family Guy writers stole their episode without giving them credit. –  Nicole Nov 14 at 19:43

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They do it for know entities, they would NEVER trust an outsider to do it.

99% of the reject pile, most of it un-read, is from spin-offs of pre-existing movies or shows.

They are taking a big financial risk with newcomers; they don’t want what their average trusted minions can produce.

In other words If you ARE IN you can as mediocre as you want, but if you WANT IN your ideas, and execution better be stellar.

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